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Porsche Technician Tenure Award Winners

It is no secret that luxury car lovers are attracted to Porsche vehicles. This passion is something that is carried throughout the Porsche Salt Lake City team, from our sales associates to our dedicated technicians. We are proud to announce that two of our own technicians have received the Porsche Technician Tenure Award to honor that passion and commitment to service.

Porsche Technician Tenure Award

The automotive industry is rapidly changing with brands striving to deliver the most innovative technology and design. Traditionally, this has lead to high turnover rates for automotive technicians, but Porsche remains an exception in this area. As an industry leader, 10% of the more than 1,300 current technicians have spent at least 20 years with the company.

PCNA Technicial Tenure Award Winners


The Porsche Technician Tenure Award was created to honor the dedicated technicians who spend their careers learning the intricacies of the Porsche lineup and serving clients with their unparalleled knowledge. As a way to continue to honor continuing dedication, PCNA will be annually recognizing those with 20, 30, 40 and 50+ years of service as a technician.

Designed by Dustin Gilleland, each award includes touches that Porsche technicians see daily in each vehicle they work on. The curved front of each award represents the updated Generation 4 design of current Porsche dealerships. A cut section of a Porsche ceramic composite brake rotor is also incorporated as a symbol of the work technicians do. The finishing touch includes a model car to represent the decade the technician awarded joined the Porsche team. The only award to have a model 356, the generation model before the iconic 911, was that of our very own Larry Moulton.

Porsche Technician Tenure Award

Meet Larry: Over a Half Century of Experience

Larry Moulton, 74, has spent the majority of his life focused on keeping Porsche vehicles and their drivers on Utah roads. A Gold Level Porsche Certified Master Technician, Larry has been repairing and maintaining Porsche vehicles for 56 years, 53 of which has been with the Strong Auto Group.

Reminiscing on when his love for Porsche vehicles began, Larry recalled, “it was when I was in high school. I got into racing Porsche’s, auto crossing, and Sportscar clubs…we always talked my friend and I, that it was always ‘like our job that was a hobby’.”

That passion has shown through to customers and colleagues alike, many of which surrounded Larry when he received this prestigious honor. Larry’s award was hand-delivered by Klaus Zellmer, President, and CEO of PCNA, on Nov. 1 at Porsche Salt Lake City, one of the oldest Porsche dealerships in the U.S.

“About 70 percent of all Porsche cars ever made are still on the road today,” said Zellmer. “The high-quality work of our technicians helps keep them going. We want to recognize our employees’ loyalty and expertise, which have such an important impact on the Porsche customer experience.”

Larry Moulton of Porsche Salt Lake City

Meet Randy: Over 35 years of Dedication

After Larry was presented with his Porsche Technician Tenure Award, technician Randy Yates was surprised with an award of his own. Randy was recognized for his 35+ years of service – all of which has been with the Strong Auto Group. Randy and Larry have developed a close friendship in their time with Porsche, and celebrating together is a moment they both cherish.

The Future for Porsche

This year, 125 technicians throughout the U.S. received their own personalized awards for 20 or more years of Porsche service. At Porsche Salt Lake City we look forward to seeing these numbers grow year after year as we prove to both our employees and customers that we are in it for the long haul.

As for Randy and Larry, they look forward to what new developments lie ahead in the automotive industry, and more specifically for the Porsche brand. Speaking on the future of electric vehicles, Larry said, “It’s the coming thing. It’s a lot simpler, and performance-wise they are just absolutely amazing. As soon as they get the batter longevity up to a certain point, it’s a done deal.”

Randy Yates

Receive Extraordinary Service From Extraordinary Technicians at Porsche Salt Lake City

Next time your Porsche needs servicing, visit us our service center at Porsche Salt Lake City. Say “hello” to Larry or Randy when you bring your vehicle in and know that your car is being handled by the best in the industry.

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