Safeguard your vehicle from common issues not covered by your warranty, insurance or lease agreement. With our ONE PROTECT programs, you can have peace of mind that your purchase will be taken care of from roof to wheels, hood to trunk.

Appearance Protection

Every day drivers encounter things on the road that are out of their control — the elements, road salt, and the occasional messy toddler. But these encounters don’t have to ruin your day or devalue your car. In addition to a three-part protective system, Appearance Protection comes with a warranty to cover every day interior and exterior damage to help keep your new or used vehicle looking as good as the day you bought it.

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Pre-Paid Maintenance

Owning a vehicle comes with certain responsibilities. Among those is maintaining the condition of your vehicle with regular servicing. A Prepaid Maintenance product offers you a valuable maintenance solution while keeping your vehicle running smooth and in compliance with the manufacturer’s warranty. Best of all, by pre-paying for your maintenance plan, you can avoid the higher cost of future services and get tomorrow’s services at today’s prices.

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Identity Theft Protection

With Identity Theft more prevalent than ever, it’s become increasingly important to ensure that you and your family’s personal information stays private. Identity Theft Protection helps you resolve and restore your identity if your private data is compromised by providing a customized recovery plan for any occurrence.

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Theft Protection

If your vehicle or motorcycle is ever stolen, and your insurance company follows common industry practices, they will only cover your vehicle’s market value at the time of loss. This may leave you responsible for unexpected out of pocket expenses like your insurance deductible, rental car, taxes, and more.

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